spline function

spline function

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  • spline function — noun see spline III …   Useful english dictionary

  • Spline (mathematics) — A quadratic spline composed of six polynomial segments. Between point 0 and point 1 a straight line. Between point 1 and point 2 a parabola with second derivative = 4. Between point 2 and point 3 a parabola with second derivative = 2. Between… …   Wikipedia

  • Spline interpolation — See also: Spline (mathematics) In the mathematical field of numerical analysis, spline interpolation is a form of interpolation where the interpolant is a special type of piecewise polynomial called a spline. Spline interpolation is preferred… …   Wikipedia

  • Spline — can refer to:* Flat spline, a device to draw curves * Rotating spline, a mating mechanism on a driveshaft. * Spline (mathematics), a mathematical function used for interpolation or smoothing. * Spline cord, a type of thin rubber cord used to… …   Wikipedia

  • spline — /spluyn/, n., v., splined, splining. n. 1. a long, narrow, thin strip of wood, metal, etc.; slat. 2. a long, flexible strip of wood or the like, used in drawing curves. 3. Mach. a. any of a series of uniformly spaced ridges on a shaft, parallel… …   Universalium

  • spline — noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1756 1. a thin wood or metal strip used in building construction 2. a key that is fixed to one of two connected mechanical parts and fits into a keyway in the other; also a keyway for such a key 3. a function… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • B-spline — In the mathematical subfield of numerical analysis, a B spline is a spline function that has minimal support with respect to a given degree, smoothness, and domain partition. A fundamental theorem states that every spline function of a given… …   Wikipedia

  • Flat spline — A spline consists of a long strip fixed in position at a number of points that relaxes to form a smooth curve passing through those points.Before computers were used for creating engineering designs, drafting tools were employed by designers… …   Wikipedia

  • I-spline — In the mathematical subfield of numerical analysis, an I spline[1][2] is a monotone spline function. An I spline family of order three with four interior knots …   Wikipedia

  • Thin plate spline — This is a brief derivation for the closed form solutions for smoothing Thin Plate Spline . Details about these splines can be found in (Wahba, 1990).Thin plate splines (TPS) were introduced to geometric design by Duchon (Duchon, 1976). The name… …   Wikipedia

  • Nonuniform rational B-spline — Non uniform rational B spline (NURBS) is a mathematical model commonly used in computer graphics for generating and representing curves and surfaces. History Development of NURBS (Non Uniform Rational Basis Spline) began in the 1950s by engineers …   Wikipedia

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